JKS Shotokan Karate

Japan Karate Shoto-Renmei 


Karate-do is a martial art whereby it shapes your character to be a proper person. The genius of karate-do is to unite ‘shin’ (mind, mental improvement), ‘gi’ (techniques), and ‘tai’ (body, physical improvement) and to grow oneself through training. In other words, it is not only based on power and techniques but also on continuing practice and the respect for other people “Men, women, the young and the elderly.”

NPO Japan Karate Shoto Federation provides trainings in a manner most consistent with the skill levels of trainees and their purposes. By promoting ‘Lifetime Karate’ training, we hope that karate-do would appeal to persons of all ages and would eventually be beneficial to our society.


In 1922, Master Gichin Funakoshi performed karate for the first time in Tokyo at the Sports Exhibition hosted by the Ministry of Education. His pen name was ‘Shoto’. People, who intended to abandon old conventions and seek a modern karate, adopted this traditional Shotokan Karate and established “Japan Karate Shoto Federation” in the year 2000.

Due to the excellent techniques of its Instructors and the dedication of its members, JKS acquired the status of a Non-Profit Organization by decree from the Cabinet Office. Today, it has approximately 30,000 members in 62 countries.

Instructors at its Headquarters achieved brilliant results including wining the All Japan Karatedo Championships of JKF and World Karate Championships of WKF.


As the Instructors’ excellent techniques and leadership gained good reputation, we send them, at the request of other JKS karate dojos, to coach and train their members. Headquarters has Instructors Course for current and prospective instructors. We develop also new “waza’s” (methods) at Technical Seminars. As shown above, our activities encompass various fields.

In particular, JKS has provided many players and coaches to the National Team. It sent instructors to provide “Lifetime Karate” training suitable for each person, from young children to the elderly, each at his own level of skill and physical ability.

In the instruction field, a woman graduated our two-year Instructor’s Course and became the first female Instructor. In the area of waza (methods) development, the late Shuseki Shihan Tetsuhiko Asai created and developed the Kata’s, Junro Shodan to Godan. They are more practical and original for persons aiming to learn skills of high quality martial arts. They have never been seen in previous Shotokan Karate.

We also try to spread traditional “Classical” ‘Kata’s all over the world by holding seminars regularly. ‘Wheelchair Karate’ is one of our new endeavors. ‘Wheelchair Karate’ is our own style of karate created by the late Shuseki Shihan Tetsuhiko Asai. We have been continuously leading the karate competitions for disabled persons among many groups of similar activities.

Wheelchair Kata, Shorin to Gorin have been well known at kata competitions since the establishment of JKS. Japan Wheelchair Karate-do Federation is in charge of spreading Wheelchair Karate from now on and JKS supports its technical aspects.


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